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Why can't I use startAudioMixing to play a music file?

Type: Integration issues    Platform: All Platforms   Last Updated: 2021/11/08 23:16:09

Issue description

Music playback fails when you call startAudioMixing to play a local or online music file.


Step 1: Self-check

  • Ensure that you call startAudioMixing after joining a channel.
  • Ensure that the file format is supported; otherwise, the SDK returns the warning code 701 ("An error occurs in opening the audio mixing file"). See supported audio formats in What formats of audio files does the Agora RTC SDK support.
  • To play a local music file, ensure that you use the correct absolute path; otherwise, the SDK returns the warning code 701.
  • To play an online music file:
    • Ensure that the URL is accessible; otherwise, the SDK returns the warning code 701.
    • On Android devices, Agora does not recommend using a redirected URL address because it may fail to work.
    • On Android, iOS, and macOS devices, ensure that the time interval between calling startAudioMixing is more than 500 ms; otherwise, the SDK returns the warning code 702 ("The SDK opens the audio mixing file too frequently").
  • If you use an Android device, ensure that the Android version is 4.2 or later, and that the API level is 16 or later.
  • If you use an iOS device, ensure that the iOS version is 8.0 or later.
  • If you use an Android simulator, ensure that the music file is an MP3 file stored under the path /sdcard/.

If the issue remains, open the file with the default music player in your operating system:

  • If the file cannot be played, the file itself is likely the problem. Try a different music file.
  • If the file can be played normally, the file is probably not the issue. In this case, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Contact Agora Customer Support

If the issue persists, contact Agora Customer Support and submit the issue with the following information:

  • The self-check steps you have performed and the corresponding results.
  • The music file that fails to be played.
  • The SDK log file. See How can I set the log file?.

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