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What's the difference between individual recording mode and composite recording mode?

Type: Integration issues    Platform: Linux / RESTful   Last Updated: 2020/11/11 23:34:09

If you want more flexibility in processing the recorded files, choose individual recording mode. For example, in an online classroom, if parents want to see the video of the teacher and their child only, you can use individual recording mode to record the teacher and all students separately, and then combine the teacher's video with each of the students' video. Or, if you want to moderate the content in the recorded files and identify the UID that has the violating content, choose individual recording mode so that you can moderate the audio and video of each user separately.

In other cases, choose composite recording mode. For example, if you want to record a live interactive streaming channel with multiple hosts, composite recording mode allows you to store the audio and video of all hosts in one file, with no need to combine them after recording.

For detailed information about how to implement each recording mode and their features, see: