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Why do I receive error messages after integrating the iOS SDK through CocoaPods and run the pod lib lint command?

Type: Integration issues    Platform: iOS   Last Updated: 2021/03/16 23:00:32


On Xcode 12 or later, if you integrate the iOS SDK 3.3.0 or later through CocoaPods and run the pod lib lint command, you may receive the following error message:

[iOS] xcodebuild: warning: [CP] Unable to find matching .xcframework slice in ' true ios-armv7_arm64/AgoraRtcKit.framework ios-x86_64-simulator/AgoraRtcKit.framework' for the current build architectures (arm64 x86_64).


CocoaPods is not compatible with Xcode 12 or later versions, so the .xcframework frameworks cannot be linked in your project.


To solve the problem, do the following:

  1. Install a version earlier than Xcode 12 (for example, Xcode 11).

  2. In Terminal, run the following command to switch the Xcode version.

    // Replaces <xcode_path> with the path of Xcode 11. 
    sudo xcode-select -s <xcode_path>
  3. Run the pod lib lint command to check whether the .xcframework framework is successfully linked.