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Why doesn't the music file resume playback after a phone call on an Android device?

Type: Integration issues    Platform: Android   Last Updated: 2021/02/04 23:24:31

Issue description

When calling startAudioMixing to play a music file on Android devices, if you make or receive a phone call, the music will pause. However, the music file does not automatically resume playing when the call finishes.


The SDK cannot determine whether the phone call stops using the audio output device. Therefore, the music file does not resume playback automatically.


After calling startAudioMixing, Agora recommends that you call PhoneStateListener (an Android API) to listen for phone calls, and perform the following steps:

  1. When making or receiving a phone call, call getAudioMixingCurrentPosition to retrieve the current playback position.
  2. After the phone call ends, call startAudioMixing again, and call setAudioMixingPosition to start playing from the retrieved playback position.